Baby in her first moments of life, photographed by Studio Baron Photo

Baby #3 - Birth Photography Montreal

Birth photography has only recently started to gain in popularity in Montreal. It can mean different things to different people. Some people hear “birth photography” and cringe, thinking it means really getting up in there, lol. What birth photography is really all about is capturing the story of one of the most special days of your family’s life and something truly incredible. The day you bring a new life into the world.

I am so happy to share this Montreal birth photography story now, as the little girl in their arms just celebrated her first birthday. Parents, Johanna and Noah, welcomed their third child Rachel, affectionately called “Rachie” at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal. All four grandparents were there that day and keeping the older two kiddos, Jackie and Eli, occupied until they could meet their new baby sister.

Once Johanna and Rachie were settled, it was time for the two big kids to meet their little sister. They were so gentle and sweet and in awe of their mother and newest family member that it made me tear up with joy. Noah was cuddling the kiddos and kisses were exchanged all around. Their family was now complete and everyone was bursting with happiness.

So much happens on the day a woman gives birth. There is the anticipation of meeting the baby you’ve been carrying for nine months; the excitement from family members who have gathered to celebrate the newest addition. There are also unplanned moments that tend to be so honest and bare, that afterward when looking through the photos, your heart stops, breath catches and the world stands still for one second and everything feels right.

This is why I love being able to shoot birth photography. It is such a gift to the parents and family and chronicles the beginning of someone’s life. It can be a long or a quick experience, and there are quiet moments as well as the grand finale. Everything is so special and it is a privilege for me to be invited in that room and experience the joys along with the family.

The experience is different for each person, just as the pregnancy that came before will be different for each woman. Some hospitals and staff will allow photography from A to Z, while others have protocol that limit access at certain points, making sure that staff are comfortable to do their jobs to the best of their ability and take care of the mother and baby.

No matter the timeline, access or unexpected moments, birth photography is a special experience for me and I cannot wait to bear witness to it again and again. Some women who for their first labour were not keen on it, have since come to me and said that for their next one, having me there to chronicle their experience is a MUST! Until next time!