a dessert table at Montreal's McCord Museum Sugar Ball 2017

Montreal McCord Museum Sugar Ball 2017

The Montreal Sugar Ball on behalf of the Montreal McCord Museum is considered by all to be the event of the year! Studio Baron Photo was fortunate enough to be asked to be an official photographer for the extraordinary event this year, 2017. I may be a little late in posting about the 2017 Montreal Sugar Ball, but since it happened exactly two months ago today, May 5th, 2017, I figured better late than never 😉

So, what is the Montreal McCord Museum’s Sugar Ball you ask? It is a HUGE party at Montreal’s Windsor Station (the old train station) and it’s purpose is “to protect and share the social history of Montreal at the McCord Museum”.

This year there were just under 1700 people at the event, and several hundred had the VIP networking experience, along with food and drink to blow your mind, all in the earlier part of the evening. The party was in full swing with the second wave of guests, arriving after 10 p.m.

What makes this event next level, is that everyone participating is a volunteer! Yep, you read that correctly, everyone from the large planning committee that made sure to pull out all the stops, right down to the participating vendors.

Parked out front of Windsor Station was the official Sugar Ball 2017 Mini Cooper car, sponsored by Groupe Park Avenue. It has been making it’s way and being photographed all throughout Montreal over the course of the month before the big event.

One of the most impressive features of this year’s Sugar Ball was the GIGANTIC 80 foot bar that ran the length of the party, put on by Brahm Mauer Bar Service, one of this year’s fantastic planning committee members. Add to that Total‘s visual eye candy behind the bar, jaw dropping food by some of Montreal’s best restaurants, including Mercuri Montreal, Ferreria, Kampai Garden, Flyjin, Bevo, Mechant Boeuf, Lucille’s Catering, Campo, Le Richmond, Traiteur Brera and more!

The name of the event is the Sugar Ball, so what would the night be without copious amounts of sugar? Right?!?!?! There were so many desserts on hand that people were awed, and so was I! Phones were out in droves as people took photos of the INSANE dessert stations spread out all over the venue. The treats were so delicious that many had trouble choosing, and then decided to go all in… it is the Sugar Ball after all. Some of the participating bakers were Leche Desserts, Bar a Beurre, Yes, Please! MTL, Dolce Gateaux, Heavenly Taste and more!

The highlight of the night had to be the candy wall created by Sofa to Go, one of Montreal’s premier rental companies. People flocked in droves to it and couldn’t stop filling their candy bags, provided by Ardene. The wall boasted childhood favourites like ring pops, Pez and Tootsie Roll lollipops. There was so much candy that it helped people get their second wind after all the food to go and hit the dance floor to shake it off 😉

For the photo loving people there were not one, not two, but three photobooths present! Madness, eh?!?!? Le Selfie Booth had their amazing set up in front of the glorious backdrop of blue and white balloons, create by Haute Balloon; Mirmir Photo was printing on the spot and displaying the photos taken during the night on a giant screen; and The Selfie Mirror Booth was delighting everyone with a touch screen mirror, just follow the instructions and voila! Hotness! .

The McCord Museum created huge free standing backdrops of old Montreal photos for people to take photos. With the help of other major sponsors like Cadillac Fairview and Davies, the event was a smashing success, raising over $ 330,000!!!! Well done Montreal!

Xoxo, Val