A little boy drinks from his bottle at night while holding his Charlie Brown Peanuts doll and sits in a big orange arm chair with a reflection of a Christmas tree in the window

Family Christmas in Montreal

There is nothing better than documenting a family as they are. There is nothing fake, nothing posed and only honest moments that really capture who that family truly is. That is what I had the pleasure of experiencing with the Raiche family over their early Christmas weekend and have for several years, where I feel like a part of their family too. We have affectionately come to call the first weekend of December each year Raiche Christmas. That’s when they get their big family tree, decorate it, watch movies, eat amazingly well and share in ushering in their favourite holiday. Not too long ago they welcomed their child, Charlie, and Raiche Christmas changed but only for the better… It includes naps now.

There are some families that become part of a tradition, and for me that is the Raiche family at Christmas time. It was extra special this year watching Charlie decorate his first tree, made for him by his mother from the trimmings of the big kahuna tree. Charlie even made his own ornaments with his parents’ help. The high point for the little guy may have been helping make the fire in the fireplace with his father and watching it come to life. The awe that a child expresses is reason enough for me to pick up my camera, but I do it for the love of it all, the chaos, the honesty, the wonder, the surprise around every corner of family life and the love that always shines through.

Only 343 days left till next year’s Raiche Christmas! Are we there yet?



Photography by: Valerie Baron