Studio Baron Photo owner photogrpahs her own wedding

This is me!!! I was shooting decor at my own wedding in my wedding dress!!! Photo by: Lana Nimmons Photography

About Me.

I'm the woman behind Studio Baron Photo, your Montreal photographer. Finding the right photographer is crucial for capturing your milestones the way YOU see them! It's a little like dating actually, let’s see if we're going to swipe right? lol.

I’m a born and raised Montrealer, and I love my city!!
I have a huge soft spot for dogs, and gush over them whenever I get the chance... It's a little out of control according to my husband.
I fell in love with photography completely by accident in CEGEP and I've been hooked ever since!

My heart is all about capturing REAL moments, seeing the REAL you and sharing with you the best version of yourself as I see it.

In life there are moments happening all the time, big moments and small ones. Like on your wedding day, that moment where you both see each other for the first time and you both stop breathing for a split second or the chaos of your regular family day, which stands still when captured through my lens. Melts my heart!


As a Montreal photographer, I approach every shoot hoping I'm meeting new friends and creating something unique just for them. I’m so lucky to get to do what I do, so I say THANK YOU for the opportunity to create these beautiful memories!

About You.

This is the other side of the client dating experience, where I tell you who my ideal match is. Is it you? Are you going to swipe right? I think so!

You are a fun-loving person who loves not only photography, but life as well.
Being with your loved ones and laughing till your sides hurt is your ideal way to spend a day.
You believe chocolate should be considered a food group. I mean, really... right!

More than that you understand the value of finding a professional photographer that fits your style, that you can give your trust to and are excited to work together. So let’s get started!

I wrote a BLOG all about how to choose the right photographer for you, the questions you should ask them and yourselves. While I hope this will lead you to me, it's really all for you! For more great stuff like this article and great photos, keep checking out the BLOG!

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