Studio Baron Photo is a Montreal family photographer that is known for creating a relaxed environment for children and the whole family. We do that by coming to our lovely clients’ homes or if they have an activity going on, then we’re there! The key is to be themselves. Our documentary photography style, sometimes called photojournalism, works best when our clients don’t plan something special or act differently. Studio Baron Photo is there to capture you being you and that way your families’ personalities come shining through!

As a Montreal family photographer, we have also had the special privilege to become a maternity photographer too. We start our relationships early on, before the kids have arrived yet, but the parents have that expectant glow. It gets even more fun to be a family photographer once the kids have arrived and are full of energy and personality. We are all about letting them do whatever feels great to them.

We usually start our sessions, if the children are young by arriving early and letting the kids get used to us, no camera yet. Then our cameras come out and the kids can play with them to get comfortable and then the magic moments start to happen. If you have a dog, even better! They add so many great moments to a family photography photo shoot.

Invite us over and see for yourselves, we’ll have a great time together. CONTACT us for your free quote.

Maternity & Family Photography