Top Montreal wedding photographer Studio Baron Photo engagement session

Mount Royal Sunrise Engagement

On a cold morning in March, Studio Baron Photo did a Mount Royal sunrise engagement session with Annabelle & Afitz. It was their first winter in Montreal, coming from France. This Montreal engagement session was definitely unique for Studio Baron Photo. I can say that we have never done a SUNRISE shoot before. I was shooting and let me be honest, I am not a morning person, but I am now!

I woke up before dawn in the dark and cold and started to wonder why I had ever suggested such a crazy thing like a Mount Royal sunrise engagement session. I had prepared my many layers of clothes the night before, making that part of the morning not too painful. I tried to slip out of the house quietly, but my puppy had other ideas. So… everyone was up before the sun.

I got in the car and started driving to Mount Royal. As I was coming from the east, I saw the first rays of sun lightening up the sky. I knew we had time before the sun was fully up, but I started to drive just a little faster than I should have, lol. Annabelle & Afitz met me at the bottom of the mountain and I may have suggested we run up on the crazy ice! I was not about to miss the sunrise.

We got to the Mount Royal lookout and I have never been so excited. The light was just starting to break the horizon and it was a crisp clear morning, without a single cloud in sight. The photographer in me did a huge jump for joy in the air (figuratively of course). The colours, the light, the air and my couple made for such a perfect combination that it was like photo candy. I was so happy and so were Annabelle & Afitz. It was at that moment that I gave myself a ginormous high five for suggesting the sunrise shoot.

Between everything, I would say this was a once in a lifetime shoot… because I still don’t plan to get up that early again, hahahaha.

Xoxo, Val