Montreal Family Photography-Emilie & Brahm Mauer

What are Sunday mornings for? Montreal family photography of course! I had the pleasure of photographing the most adorable toddler, whose parents are not only stunning, but two of the nicest people that Montreal knows very well; Event planner extraordinaire, Emilie Waxman of EMevents and Bar man and business mogul, Bram Mauer of Bram Mauer Bar Services.

Montreal family photography is all about being who you are. For Studio Baron Photo, that means home, or at least where you feel most at home. For some, that can mean at the park, at your parents’ or in your own home. For the Mauers, it was a relaxed Sunday morning with their little man, Myles, roaming free with his dog by his side at their home and it was perfect.

It all started with Myles getting a hands-on understanding of my camera (maybe a future photographer? He’s hired!) Within seconds there were some moments I couldn’t resist capturing and we were off and running. No need for props, gimmicks or staging, it’s all about families being themselves and the good stuff is right there and I see it, capture it and love to give my clients that gift.

It’s the little things that happen in the every day routine that are often over looked that are really the best moments; getting the little ones dressed, walking down the hallway and holding their hands, cuddles that are just stolen moments and the unexpected new discoveries that somehow always seem to happen during Studio Baron Photo’s Montreal family photography shoots, it’s amazing! Emilie and Brahm realized that baby proofing their home was about to happen sooner than they expected, the kid can turn on the dishwasher!

Xoxo, Val