With the beginning of a new year, I tend to think about the trends that as photographers, we see at weddings time and again and what the new season may bring. With the help of amazing wedding planners, friends and of course Pinterest, couples usually hit it out of the park and get the wedding of their dreams. Though sometimes, like any trend, it's easy to fall victim to it, get lost in it and find yourself going crazy to have every detail be perfect, from the tall as the sky centerpieces, to needing that exact bouquet you saw on Pinterest or the invitation that will make or break your wedding, when it may not be your style at all.

While I see the trends each year and count myself privileged to be the photographer at the wedding and capture every detail, I am the first to say that I am not the authority on trends, so for that I turn to some experts, and I have gathered the ones you need to read: VOGUE, Style Me Pretty and the Bridal Guide. As expected, there are some varying opinions and some common themes. Some of the most agreed upon trends seem to be:

  • Florals everywhere and go big! One of my personal mottos in life is go big or go home, and it seems that you can’t go wrong this year if you take that to heart with your flowers. Whether they are on the tables, climbing the walls or lining the entry.
  • Colour! Colour! Colour! Greenery will feature a lot in the décor and location in 2017 it seems. That may mean more backyard weddings (WE LOVE A BACKYARD WEDDING!!!) or bringing the outdoors inside, but be ready for green.
  • More colour in the wedding and less pastels according to some, others says neutrals will be a major player in 2017. If you are ready to be bold with colour, then go wild, we LOVE a bold couple and palette. If a more classic neutral is your style, then you have carte blanche this year for the wedding of your dreams, and it sounds amazing to us!
  • As for the dress, colour is even creeping in there, go blue or blush or even gold! There are so many options, feathers, off the shoulder and BIG accessories, ladies, it’s time to find your inner diva and let her loose.
  • A destination with your nearest and dearest can be the perfect wedding for you. Choose a location that suits your personalities, fits your style and that brings you joy. Add your loved ones and don’t forget to bring your favourite photographer with you ;)

The best part of hearing what the upcoming trends are is that you can listen to them, adopt some of them and disregard the rest or simply ignore them all and do WHATEVER YOU WANT.

Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in all the details that make each wedding unique, and forget what it's all about and who you are as a couple. Remember, at the end of the day the most important thing is that you are marrying the person who matters most to you in the whole world, the person that is your best friend and the person you want to have the honour to grow old with.

So make sure you choose your photographer well, since they will be the one to capture all those fantastic details that you worked so hard on and the moments that you will hold dear forever.




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