Studio Baron Photo engagment photography by Pacific Ocean

Engagement Session in Victoria - Ciane & Carl

My favourite engagement session of all time possibly, when this Montreal wedding photographer of Studio Baron Photo, went to stunning Victoria, British Columbia for Ciane & Carl. I had the pleasure of heading out to the west coast of Canada last August, and visiting Victoria, B.C. for the first time. I went there to photograph two of the most wonderful people, Ciane and Carl, who will be having a destination Montreal wedding this summer.

For my first time in Victoria, the two lovebirds had scouted out some amazing local spots where we could do their engagement session. Making it an even more unique experience was the fact that I was there during the worst season of B.C. wildfires in history. There was destruction all around and smoke created a haze in the air. While it was devastating, it also created this other worldy effect with the light being filtered through the haze of smoke.

We started their engagement session at Pizzeria Prima Strada. They so kindly let us take over and enjoy the place. It was a special place to begin, as Ciane and Carl had their first date there and continue to return for each anniversary. Ciane was rocking a retro style red dress that suited her perfectly. As soon as we started shooting, it was so easy to see the love they have for one another. They shared a look that made your heart want to explode.

After that, we headed out to Hilltop, a great spot with scenic views of the ocean. After a quick dress change right next to the car for Ciane, we were off and running. I was soaking up the scenery and the fun we were having.

We then hopped in the car, making our way to Dallas Road and I suddenly made then stop and pull over. There was a field with tall grass that was just begging to be used for our engagement session. The two of them danced in the field and it was just magical.

We finally made our way to a pier just off Dallas Road and got to enjoy being up close with the Pacific Ocean. The two even braved the frigid waters (after my not so subtle suggestion, lol) and kicked off their shoes, rolled up pants and stepped in. They were such troopers!

Xoxo, Val